19-22 July 2021

We are pleased to announce ACTCON 2021, W├╝rzburg Summer Module Course on Action Control. Humans often act in a goal-oriented manner, be the goal simple, like grasping an object, or more complex, like guiding another person. Successful goal-oriented action rests on various cognitive prerequisites (e.g., mentally representing goals, choosing among behavioural options) and comes with various consequences (e.g. errors, social action effects). 

ACTCON 2021 will offer focused, in depth courses that advance participants' knowledge and skills to the current state of the art of experimental research on action control, including lectures and hot topic sessions and hands-on practical courses. We welcome applications from graduate students (master, doctoral) in psychology or related fields (e.g., philosophy, cognitive science, neuroscience).


Registration deadline: 21 February 2021

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