Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute 2022

St Andrews, Scotland, UK
24 July - 14 August 2022

Diverse Intelligences Summer Institute (DISI) brings together promising Fellows (graduate students, postdocs, and early-career faculty) and Storytellers (artists, writers, filmmakers, etc.) interested in the origins, nature, and future of intelligences for several weeks of serious interdisciplinary exploration. 

We’re looking for open-minded participants who want to take intellectual risks and break down disciplinary barriers in the spirit of dialogue and discovery. We hope that this creative community will work together to develop new ways of engaging with big questions about the mind, cognition, and intelligence. Thanks to generous support from the Templeton World Charity Foundation, all accepted Fellows and Storytellers will receive funding to support their participation. Review of applications will begin on the 25th of March and will continue until all spots are filled.


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