From self-knowledge to knowing others (3rd edition): New advances in characterizing socio-cognitive dysfunctions in the general and clinical populations

Brussels, Belgium
31 August - 1 September 2023

A free two-day workshop to gather senior and junior researchers from all fields, from fundamental neuroscience to clinical psychology, sharing an interest in social cognition and interpersonal behaviour. 

Program: two short talks sessions, a poster session with best poster awards, a world café discussion around key questions in social cognition, a cosy auditorium with coffee, lunches, and drinks provided, and 10 speakers invited to share their insights about social cognition in general and clinical populations and their innovative methods in psychology and neuroscience. 

Invited speakers: Rebecca Böhme (Linköping Univ.), Celine De Meulemeester (KU Leuven), Clare Eddy (Univ. of Birmingham), Anne-Kathrin Fett (Univ. of London, City), Annabel Nijhof (Ghent univ.), Amy Pinkham (Univ. of Texas), Philipp Kanske (Technische Univ. Dresden), Patrick Luyten (KU Leuven), François Quesque (Lyon Neuroscience Research Center), and Matthias Schurz (Univ. of Innsbruck). 


Abstract submission and registration deadline: 15 July 2023

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