IMPRS Conference: Interdisciplinary Approaches to the Language Sciences

The aim of the biannual IMPRS conference series on Interdisciplinary Approaches in the Language Sciences is to inspire the next generation of language scientists to take on new challenges that will further our understanding of human language ability. The 2020 edition will cover two main themes: Language Disorders, with keynote talks by Prof. dr. Ellen Gerrits & Prof. dr. Matthew Lambon-Ralph; Memory & Learning, with keynote talks by Dr. Laura Batterink & Prof. Dr. Carel ten Cate. To illustrate a variety of interdisciplinary approaches, each theme will have short talks presented by other up-and-coming and prominent scientists. During the poster sessions, junior researchers are invited to present their work and get to know other researchers. Moreover, several workshops are planned that will be of interest to our target audience. Doctoral candidates and masters students are strongly encouraged to participate; limited places are also available for other interested persons.


Abstract submission deadline: 29 February 2020


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