Learning and Plasticity Conference

Äkäslompolo, Finland
24-27 April 2022

Learning and Plasticity Conference (LaP) is a cross-disciplinary meeting that connects psychological and neuroscience research on the mechanisms of learning and brain plasticity.

The special theme of the LaP 2022 is Video Gaming and Cognitive Enhancement. However, most of the program will consist of free papers reflecting the broad spectrum of learning and plasticity research. The keynote speaker is Professor Simone Kühn (University Medical Center Hamburg-Eppendorf, Germany). Informal atmosphere and small size (maximum 60 participants) helps to connect participants and promotes discussion. National regulations concerning the COVID-19 pandemic will be followed closely throughout the preparations and the meeting itself. Despite of its location way above the Polar Circle, the congress site is easy to reach by train or by flight.


Abstract submission deadline: 15 January 2022

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