The 2nd Timing Research Forum

Queretaro, Mexico
15-17 October 2019

Timing Research Forum (TRF2) is the second international conference dedicated to multidisciplinary research on timing and time perception. TRF2 builds upon the massive success of TRF1 held in Strasbourg, France in October 2017 that was attended by 250+ scientists with a shared passion for understanding timing and time perception through varied experimental, computational and clinical approaches. We are pleased to announce three impressive Keynote Speakers: Kia Nobre (Oxford University), Mehrdad Jazayeri (MIT), Albert Tsao (Stanford University). Albert Tsao will give the TRF2 ECR Keynote Prize Lecture based on his paper - ’Tsao, Sugar, Lu, Wang, Knierim, Moser, Moser (2018; Nature) Integrating time from experience in the lateral entorhinal cortex’, that was selected by the members of TRF as the 'Best Timing Paper of 2018'.


Abstracts and symposium proposals deadline: 25 May 2019 

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