The Mind’s Spatialization in Humans and Non-humans

Nice, France
12 July 2019

Spatialization is the process by which spatial information is added by the cognitive system to process information, often resulting in what is called a mental line. Galton (1880) reported that 5% of the individuals he interviewed naturally linked verbal information to space. This privileged link between space and verbal information seems to have existed even earlier, in terms of myth spatialization (Harwood, 1976). Today spatialization and spatial biases (associated to it) offer a vibrant realm of research which territory crosses various disciplines and domains such as the famous SNARC effect in numerical cognition (Dehaene et al., 1993). Given this productive field of research we would like to bring together in a workshop, researchers from around the globe and from various subdisciplines that have a common interest in spatialization. Our aim is to promote interactions and future collaborations, which outcome could shed a new light on spatialization and related topics.


Abstract submission deadline: 30 June 2019

Registration deadline: 10 July 2019

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