Virtual Working Memory 2020 Symposium

1-4 June 2020

Edward Ester and colleagues propose a virtual meeting to provide a venue for trainees to present their work and network with like-minded scientists. More generally, this meeting is intended as an intellectually stimulating, collegial, fun, and enlightening way for all participants to share their recent findings and keep up with peers despite social distancing!

All are welcome! However, presentations will be limited to undergraduate, graduate, and postgraduate trainees. There is no registration fee.

Live sessions will take place between 9 am and 6 pm EST (GMT -04). Presenters can also pre-record and upload talks (see How does this work? below). Inter-session “breaks” for restrooms, discussion, coffee, beer, etc will be provided. 

Presenters should submit their talk title no later than 05/20/2020. Registrants should provide their information no later than 05/30/2020. 

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