Virtual Working Memory Symposium

We invite talks (12 min + 3 min Q&A) on all topics germane to WM in any model system (eg, rodents, monkeys, humans) using any technique (eg, behavior, invasive / non-invasive ephys, fMRI, modeling, etc ). In keeping with the spirit of last year's meeting, presentation slots are limited to those with trainee status, including undergraduate / postgraduate students, graduate students, and postdoctoral fellows.

If you would like to give a talk, please register for the meeting by May 1st and indicate your preference for days / times. (Note: You do NOT need to enter the talk title at this time. We will reach out to all registered presenters later for a talk title and co-author information.) If you plan to attend the meeting but not give a talk, please use the same registration link and indicate that you will attend only. 

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