ESCoP Early Career Publication Award: call for applications

The ESCoP Early Career Publication Award (€1000) is an award for the best article accepted for publication in 2022. The applicant has to be the first author of the article and a member of ESCoP. In any given year, one person can only submit one application.

Two awards will be granted:

- ESCoP Early Career Publication Award for PhD students: to be granted for articles accepted while applicant is a PhD student, or within a year of receipt of the PhD. 

- ESCoP Early Career Publication Award for Post-docs: to be granted for articles accepted within five years of receipt of the applicant’s PhD. Priority will be given to publications different from PhD work.

Authors should send a copy of the publication, CV, the date of acceptance, and the date on which they got their PhD (if applicable) to the ESCoP Secretary. Applications should be sent before March 1st, 2023. A jury of three members nominated by the ESCoP Committee will choose the winners before June 1st, 2023. Only one submission per person will be considered. The eligibility period for applications can be extended by 12 months in case of maternity, and by 6 months in case of paternity (regardless of the number of children).

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