ESCoP Early Career Publication Awards

ESCoP has announced the 2021 Early Career Publication Award recipients!

The ESCoP Early Career Publication – PhD award goes to Molly Quinn (University College Dublin) for the paper Do we “fear for the worst” or “Hope for the best” in thinking about the unexpected?: Factors affecting the valence of unexpected outcomes reported for everyday scenarios, published in Cognition (Quinn, Campbell, & Keane, 2021). The paper addresses very novel questions about how people think of unexpected future events. It is highly original and covers a large amount of literature. It is also well written and provides a clear theoretical advance. Congratulations!

The ESCoP Early Career Publication – Postdoc award goes to Eliane Deschrijver (Ghent University & UNSW Sydney) for the paper Reframing Social Cognition: Relational Versus Representational Mentalizing, published in Psychological Bulletin (Deschrijver & Palmer, 2020). The paper is clearly written, incredibly thorough, and one of its best features is the paradigm shift it proposes regarding theory of mind research. Congratulations!

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