A PhD candidate position, Maastricht University, Netherlands

A PhD candidate position is available at Maastricht University funded by a NWO Open Competition grant to prof. E. Formisano and aimed at investigating the neural processing of natural sounds in the human brain. For this position, the primary tasks and responsibilities of the PhD candidate will be to participate actively in experimental design, acquisition, and analysis of fMRI and iEEG data. FMRI research will take place at the Department of Cognitive Neuroscience and the Maastricht Brain Imaging Center at Maastricht University, which has access to an MR-lab with 3 Tesla, 7 Tesla and 9.4 Tesla human MRI systems.

The PhD position is fully supported by a grant from the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO), which has the overall aim to unravel the neural mechanisms enabling the recognition of everyday sounds and their flexible categorization at multiple levels of semantic abstraction. Aud2Sem involves both the development of neurobiologically-grounded computational models of sound recognition and the experimental testing of these models using functional neuroimaging.

Preferred starting date: September 2022, and not later than October 2022.

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