Call for two centers for Synergy grant - Psychological Science Accelerator

This is a call to recruit two centers for a Synergy grant to support the functioning of the Psychological Science Accelerator. For an explanation of the PSA in AMPPS, see here and a more popular write-up of the PSA, see here. The PSA's website can be found here. The current two centers that are committed to be part of the grant proposal are Université Grenoble Alpes (Hans IJzerman) and the Universiteit van Amsterdam (Denny Borsboom and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers). For more information on the Synergy grant, see here. We intend to have four centers in total: A center focused on meta-science (led by Borsboom and Wagenmakers); a center focused on checking the accuracy of scientific findings (via replications and/or reanalysis of data); a center focused on discovery using PSA data; a center focused on expanding into non-WEIRD territory.

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