Call for two centers for Synergy grant - Psychological Science Accelerator

This is a call to recruit two centers for a Synergy grant to support the functioning of the Psychological Science Accelerator. For an explanation of the PSA in AMPPS, see here and a more popular write-up of the PSA, see here. The PSA's website can be found here. The current two centers that are committed to be part of the grant proposal are Universit√© Grenoble Alpes (Hans IJzerman) and the Universiteit van Amsterdam (Denny Borsboom and Eric-Jan Wagenmakers). For more information on the Synergy grant, see here. We intend to have four centers in total: A center focused on meta-science (led by Borsboom and Wagenmakers); a center focused on checking the accuracy of scientific findings (via replications and/or reanalysis of data); a center focused on discovery using PSA data; a center focused on expanding into non-WEIRD territory.

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