Open PhD and Senior Researcher Positions at the ABY Human Memory Lab, ELSC, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel

The ABY Human Memory Lab is looking for talented PhD students to join us. The lab is interested in the transformation of naturalistic experience into discrete episodic memories. We investigate this process using unique naturalistic-yet-controlled stimuli developed in the lab (eg, using filming, VR and 'The Sims'), in combination with neuroimaging, behavioral and soon intracranial measurements.


* BA/BSc, preferably in a relevant field (such as Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience) or in Computer Science. Students who already hold an MA/MSc can join a PhD track with a reduced course load compared to the regular ELSC PhD program.

* Ability to learn and work independently, good problem-solving skills

Advantageous qualities:

* Programming experience

* Solid background in statistics

* Experience in fMRI data analysis (EEG/iEEG experience also an advantage)

In addition, there is an open long-term position for a senior researcher in the lab. The researcher will conduct independent research, support other lab members in their projects and help create tools and pipelines for experiment creation and data analysis.


* MA/MSc/PhD (preferably a PhD) in Psychology, Cognitive Science, Neuroscience, Computer Science or another relevant field.

* Strong programming skills (preferably in Python)

* Strong background in statistics

* Experience in cognitive neuroscience data analysis (preferably fMRI)

* Ability to learn and work independently, good problem-solving skills

* Strong social skills

* Experience with data science is advantageous

Candidates interested in either position should send a CV, academic records and a brief statement of intent to . The starting date for PhD positions is October 2022 (there may be some flexibility, depending on the program) and the starting date for the Senior Lab Support position is flexible. Applications will be considered on a rolling basis, until the positions are filled.

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