Phd (4 Years) Position “The Role Of The Hippocampus In Statistical Learning” (ERC Grant) Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Department of Experimental and Applied Psychology (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) is offering a four-year PhD studentship position focused on “the role of the hippocampus in statistical learning”. This project is part of the ERC advanced grant “What to expect when you are not expecting it: How implicit regularities drive attentional selection” (LEARNATTEND; PI: Jan Theeuwes; co-PI Tomas Knapen). The goal of this project is to relate the learning that takes place in hippocampal areas of MTL to its effects on spatial and feature representations within putative priority maps across the visual hierarchy. The PhD position provides the opportunity to develop and conduct creative and rigorous research on learning and attention within a stimulating and committed research group. You will (learn to) design innovative laboratory tasks to study and integrate central topics regarding attentional selection, and you will (learn to) employ state-of-the-art 7-T brain imaging (conducted at the SPINOZA center Amsterdam).

Application deadline: 15 November 2020

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