PhD Candidate in Psychological Methods, University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands

The Psychological Methods group is seeking two PhD candidates, one for each of the following projects:

Project 1: “Bridging the gap between latent variable models from deep learning and psychometrics”. In this project, the PhD candidate will focus on the development of methods for various psychometric applications in which neural nets from deep learning are combined with measurement models from psychometrics. The project is coordinated by Dylan Molenaar and Raoul Grasman.

Project 2: “Cognitive Modeling meets Educational Data Science”. In this project, the PhD candidate will apply cognitive models to large data sets from educational data science. The main aim is to develop more nuanced performance indicators for online education that are based on models of cognitive processes. The project is coordinated by Julia Haaf and Abe Hofman.

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Application deadline: 24 July 2022

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