PhD Position, Movement Sciences lab, Tel Aviv University, Israel

A funded PhD position is available in the Movement Sciences lab with Dr. Jason Friedman, in the field of human motor control, on the topic of enhancing motor learning. The PhD will be part of a larger collaborative project with Prof. Helge Ritter from the Neuroinformatics group at Bielefeld University, Germany, where they investigate manual intelligence of both humans and robots. In this project, we will use a technique called computational scaffolding in order to speed up the process of motor learning. In this technique, a temporary structure (scaffold) is provided during the learning process and slowly removed as learning takes place. We will use this technique to individualise and enhance the motor learning process in two applications – learning how to play the piano and learning a new swimming stroke. The student will be involved in all aspects of the project, including running experiments, recording and analysing movement data, applying motor guidance for enhancing learning, and active collaboration with our partners.

Students with a background in Motor Control, Neuroscience, Psychology, Physics, Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering or related areas are encouraged to apply. Programming experience in Python or other languages, and a musical background is an advantage. Please contact Dr. Friedman with a CV for further information.


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