PhD Position, University of Freiburg, Germany

The Department of Psychology at the University of Freiburg offers 1 PhD Position (65% TV-L E13, 3 years) starting in October 2020. The position is located in the work group on Cognition, Action and Sustainability under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Andrea Kiesel. The PhD candidate is expected to pursue a research project on statistical modeling in one of the following thematic areas:

(1)   Cognitive mechanisms involved in the decision making and task performance in task switching settings. Scheduling of multiple tasks requires both decision making about what task to do next, and performance adjustments about how to execute the selected task. The aim of this project is to integrate current computational views into a single model. Examples are extensions of drift-diffusion models or extensions of expected reward models. 

(2)   Cognitive affective maps to predict attitudes or acceptance towards novel technologies. This recent mind mapping technique enables to assess the cognitive and affective attitudes in a more interrelated way as current questionnaire techniques. More complex statistical models are necessary to aggregate data and to predict attitudes (or even behavior) based on the cognitive affective assessment. Examples refer to network analyses and models to describe and predict changes of the affective connotation. 

Application deadline: 12 July 2020

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