PhD position, University of Hildesheim, Hildesheim, Germany

The Psychology Department at the University of Hildesheim offers 2 PhD Positions (50% TV-L E13, 2.5/3 years) starting in October 2020. The positions are part of the General (Cognitive) Psychology laboratory, under the supervision of Prof. Dr. Christina Bermeitinger. Possible areas of specialisation for the PhD may include the following thematic areas:

(1) Olfactory cognition: Here we are interested in how the perception of odours influences our basic cognitive functions, how olfaction interacts with other senses, and especially in how we remember odours and how the addition of contextual olfactory information influences our memory for events. 

(2) Action control and joint action control: In this line of research we are interested in investigating how the performance of actions is influenced by the presence or absence of others, and whether those others are working on the same task, are working against each other, or are working on separate tasks.

Application deadline: August 25, 2020

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