Postdoc in social neuroscience of group contagion, Institute of Psychology and the School of Mind and Brain, Humboldt University of Berlin

The newly established research group 'social intelligence' at the Institute of Psychology and the School of Mind and Brain (Humboldt University of Berlin) opens a two-year postdoctoral research position in the domain of social neuroscience. The position will require the planning, execution, and analysis of behavioral and brain imaging experiments. Virtual reality will be used to investigate group influences on individual behaviour.

The research project is funded by the Einstein Foundation Berlin. We offer a stimulating work environment in the heart of Berlin (Campus Nord, Berlin Mitte) with an excellent infrastructure for social neuroscience research.


- PhD in cognitive neuroscience, social neuroscience, or a related field

- programming skills

- strong statistical background

- excellent command of English

- publication experience

- experience with a brain imaging technique (eg EEG, fMRI, fNIRS, TMs)


- experience with VR as a research tool

- experience with motion tracking

- experience with multivariate analysis techniques of brain imaging data

- experience with mathematical modelling


Application deadline: 11 July 2021    

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