Postdoctoral and PhD student fellowships, National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow, Russia


We are inviting applications to three positions, two PhD students and a postdoctoral fellow, to the newly established international Laboratory of Social Neuroscience (LSN) at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience.  Prof. Iiro P. Jääskeläinen is the Academic Supervisor, and  Prof. Vasily Klucharev is the Director of LSN. This new laboratory studies social cognition and decision-making using dynamic naturalistic stimuli during ultra-fast fMRI, multichannel EEG and MEG, TMS, and other neuroimaging technologies. PhD students are encouraged to get enrolled to the HSE doctoral school (Moscow). Both positions include international mobility and a possibility to internship at Aalto University, Finland. 

General requirements for PhD student posts are the following:

• Background in Neuroscience or Psychology or other related fields.

• Strong computational skills.

• Motivation to specialise in social neurobiology, neuroscience of communication, and/or neuroeconomics.

• Fluent English including writing skills.


Application deadline is the 1st of February 2020.

For applicants, CV, Letter of Motivation, and Recommendation Letters (2) must be sent here:,, and

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