Postdoctoral position, SCALab, University of Lille, France

Postdoctoral fellowship in cognitive psychology, 8 months available immediately (be careful: duration of university procedure: 1 to 2 months) to be started no later than October 2023.

Location: Laboratory of Cognitive and Affective Sciences (SCALab), University of Lille.

Title of the project: Better performance at work and better health by being more upright.

Work program: the postdoctoral position deals with the study of task performance in cognitive tasks (more particularly visual tasks) in various body positions. The objective of the postdoctoral candidate will be to set-up the experiment with an engineer paid full time for this project and monitor the project (experimental sessions, data analysis, writing the paper).

Profile: candidate with a Ph. D. in cognitive psychology or neuroscience or STAPS. 

Salary: to be negotiated.

Director/contact person: Dr. Cédrick Bonnet

Please send me an email to contact me for more information.

Application deadline: end of October 2023

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