Postdoctoral positions, Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics in Nijmegen, the Netherlands

Much of experimental psycholinguistics has studied how individuals carry out tasks such as picture naming or lexical decisions in the lab. But language use in everyday life is different. Most of it occurs in conversation, where speakers may or may not know each other, have common and individual goals, and coordinate their utterances, more or less successfully, in time and content to achieve these goals. The work of the Postdoctoral Researchers will contribute to a better understanding of the cognitive processes occurring when individuals speak in conversation. This will involve innovative neurobiological, computational and behavioural work involving individuals as well as pairs or larger groups of interacting speakers. The choice of project is flexible and specifics will be discussed further at the interview.

Successful applicants are expected to take the lead in designing the experiments, supervising the laboratory work, performing the analyses, writing up findings for publication, and giving presentations at international conferences. The project will be embedded in the Psychology of Language Department, but collaborations with other departments are strongly encouraged. More information about the research in the department can be found here:


  • The successful applicant holds a PhD qualification in Psychology, Cognitive Sciences, or a related field.
  • Their PhD and/or postdoc project concerned a topic in psycholinguistics, memory, or attention.
  • They have outstanding skills in experimental design and state-of-the art statistical analyses. EEG, fMRI or MEG experience would be highly desirable.
  • They have demonstrable experience in mentoring students.
  • They have strong organisational and writing skills.

Review of applications will start on the 1st of November 2021 and will continue until the posts have been filled.

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