Postdoctoral Research Fellow position, University of Stirling, Scotland, UK

Psychology, Faculty of Natural Sciences is offering a full-time, fixed-term Postdoctoral Research Fellow position to work with Dr Ailsa Millen on the ESRC project ‘Identifying Novel Markers of Concealed Face Recognition.’

The project seeks to identify novel ways to detect familiar face recognition, when people lie about recognising someone they know.  Detecting ‘concealed face recognition’ presents a scientific and societal problem (e.g., perpetrators in criminal investigations might lie about knowledge of associates). Scientific advances in recognition detection must be robust. We test the boundaries of implicit markers of face recognition (e.g. eye movements and skin conductance) by exploring variability in detection rates based on degree of face familiarity and intentional countermeasures to deceive. The postholder will conduct experiments combining eye-tracking, skin conductance, facial expressions and vocal cues to provide objective evidence of recognition. Excellent programming and analysis skills are essential. A crucial aspect of this role is to streamline the completion of the existing ESRC grant by taking over programming, data analysis, and manuscript writing so these skills are essential prior to starting. The project aims to further our understanding of how our brains recognise faces and find ways to help the police detect crime. Application deadline is the 25th of July 2021.

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