Research Associate, Cognitive Psychology, Trier University, Trier, Germany

We are looking for a research associate (Cognitive Psychology) at the University of Trier (department of Prof. Frings) in Germany. The goal is the own scientific further qualification (doctorate in psychology, Dr. rer. nat.). The doctoral student will hold one course per semester for Bachelor students (German or English). The focus of the PhD project will be on action control, attention and/or visual search. The PhD thesis will be developed together with the candidate so that he/she can realize his/her own ideas. We are a young, innovative, and interdisciplinary team, have cooperations with working groups in Germany and abroad, and have state-of-the-art research facilities for conducting experiments with computerized measures of behavioral indices, multisensory perception, EEG, eye-tracking, tDCS, fNIRS.

Application deadline: September 2023

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