Seeking collaborators for easy-to-implement study on electronics policies in the classroom

We are seeking instructors from around the world to collaborate on an upcoming large field experiment that explores whether a commitment policy for student laptop use may improve the classroom experience. Professors who participate in this field experiment (with minimal time commitment), will become co-authors on the paper arising from the study. We will take care of filling out all of the paperwork to ensure instructors receive ethics approval from their institution.

To be eligible, instructors must be teaching at least two sections of a course in a given semester in the 2019-2020 academic year, and have a policy that allows students to bring their laptop to class. If you're interested in hearing David Laibson, a co-author on the project, give details about the proposed laptop policy, click on the link for a two minute audio clip from a Freakonomics podcast. Please email Ariella if you are interested in joining our collaboration.

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