Two PhD positions at University of Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Two PhD positions are open for applications at the University of Luxembourg, Cognitive Neuroscience Research unit (Head: Christine Schiltz), COSA institute. Both of them imply experimental work with EEG, both in adults and children.

You will be part of the Cognitive Neuroscience Research group which belongs to the COSA Institute and is interested in understanding higher-order cognitive processes and their development. We focus on numeracy and literacy in typical and atypical development, using behavioural and EEG methods. The current project “The neural bases for reading in languages differing in orthographic transparency” will focus on comparing how the brain represents written words in French, German and English in monolinguals and in bi/multilinguals, and on evaluating reading acquisition in children in their first (L1) and second language (L2), according to L1 orthographic transparency. It will involve behavioural and electrophysiological recordings (EEG), both in adults and in children.

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