Call for illusion submissions: the World’s 16th Annual Best Illusion of the Year Contest

In 2015, the Best Illusion of the Year Contest became an annual online event, with the goal of bringing the creativity of the illusion creator community all around the world. Anybody with an internet connection can now participate! No matter where you live, you can be a contestant, and/or vote for the Top 3 winners! We thank the Museum of Mind, Gold Sponsor of the 2020 Best Illusion of the Year Contest, for its generous support. Contestants are invited to submit 1-minute YouTube or mp4 videos featuring novel illusions (unpublished, or published no earlier than 2019) of all sensory modalities (visual, auditory, etc.) and/or cognitive nature. The content of the 1-minute video presenting your illusion is solely up to you, and the only requirement is that it wows all viewers! 

An international panel of impartial judges will rate all the videos and narrow them down to the Top 10. Then, online voters around the world will choose their favorite illusions from the Top 10 finalists. All Top 10 finalists will receive a commemorative plaque. In addition, the Top 3 winners will receive cash prizes: $3,000 USD for first place; $2,000 USD for second place, and $1,000 USD for third place.

Deadline for submission: 7 August 2020

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