Call for papers for Memory & Cognition Special Issue: The Information Exchange Between Working Memory and Long-Term Memory

Guest Editors
Lea M. Bartsch (University of Zurich, Switzerland)
Keisuke Fukuda (University of Toronto Mississauga, Canada)
Vanessa M. Loaiza (University of Essex, UK)
Eda Mizrak (University of Sheffield, UK)

The editors of this Special Issue at Memory & Cognition invite contributions that present behavioral findings, meta-analyses, computational models, or neuroscientific results that investigate how WM processes constrain and shape subsequent LTM, and, concomitantly, how stored information in LTM may enhance or interfere with WM. We are also interested in submissions investigating the interaction of WM and LTM across the lifespan or investigating individual differences in the exchange of WM and LTM in general. The goal of this Special Issue will be to present the latest findings that speak to the bidirectional relationship between WM and LTM in an effort to highlight the newest advances to the field that has been wrought with debate for over 100 years.

Submission Deadline: April 30, 2023

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