Journal of Cognition Special Issue: Core Mechanisms in Action Control: Binding and Retrieval

Guest editors: Andrea Kiesel (Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg), Lisa R. Fournier (Washington State University), Carina G. Giesen (Friedrich Schiller University Jena), Susanne Mayr (University of Passau), & Christian Frings (Trier University)

We invite researchers to present data from different sequential paradigms and to discuss the possible impact of binding and retrieval processes. This can be done, for instance, by showing how the sole modulation of one of the processes affects an established experimental effect or by discussing how traditional explanations for specific findings could be accounted for instead by feature binding and retrieval processes. Another perspective could be to analyze how these core processes relate to other areas of research, for instance, feature integration is also a topic in perception research, and retrieval is obviously evident in learning and memory.
Accordingly, we invite empirical and theoretical work that focuses on the interplay between binding and/or retrieval processes and perceptual, attentional, learning, (working) memory, motivational or emotional processes.

Submission deadline: 21 December 20021

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