MSc in Cognitive Systems, Open University of Cyprus, Nicosia, Cyprus

To teach the new paradigm of cognitive computing, the M.Sc. Program in Cognitive Systems brings together two main scientific areas: Cognitive Psychology, and Artificial Intelligence in Computer Science. Aiming, on the one hand, for the prospective students to understand the basis for human cognition, the Program is strongly influenced by Cognitive Psychology and includes learning modules that explore the fundamentals of perception, learning, mental representation, and reasoning in humans. Aiming, on the other hand, for the prospective students to be able to design cognitive systems, the Program places its emphasis on the investigation of computational methods and tools for understanding and designing cognitive systems, and includes learning modules from Connectionist and Symbolic Artificial Intelligence, from Machine Learning,

Courses are offered from both Cognitive Psychology (CP) and Computer Science (CS), organized in five main themes: Foundations, Perception, Learning, Reasoning, Systems. The program is jointly offered by the Open University of Cyprus, School of Pure and Applied Sciences and the University of Cyprus, Department of Psychology & Department of Computer Science.

Application deadline: 30 May 2023

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