PhD positions in Cognitive Neuroscience, SISSA, Trieste, Italy

SISSA is an elite postgraduate research institution located in Trieste, Italy, and focused on Maths, Physics and Neuroscience. It operates in English: many among its students and faculty are not Italian. The Cognitive Neuroscience Department hosts 6 research labs that study the neuronal bases of time and magnitude processing (Domenica Bueti), visual perception (Davide Zoccolan), motivation and intelligence (Raffaella Rumiati), language and reading (Davide Crepaldi), tactile perception and learning (Mathew Diamond), and neural computation (Alessandro Treves). The Department is highly inter–disciplinary; our approaches include behavioural, psychophysics, and neurophysiological experiments with humans and animals, as well as computational and mathematical models. Students with diverse backgrounds (physics, math, medicine, psychology, biology) are most welcome to apply. 

The Department has an exceptional track record with highly competitive funds (recent funding includes 4 ERC and 3 Human Frontiers grants) and publication in top journals (Nature, Science, PNAS, Current Biology). Recent placements after PhD include Harvard, MIT, Columbia and Princeton in the US; the NTNU, Manchester and Radboud University in Europe; and Sydney University, Australia. Our alumni have been awarded 4 ERC grants, the 2015 Kandel Young Neuroscientist Prize and the 2017 ICTP Prize.

Please contact the PhD Coordinator and/or your prospective supervisor for more information and informal enquiries. Application deadline is the 17th of March 2020.

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