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Dear colleagues around the world,

The Psychonomic Society has been working with behavioral scientists from around the world to bring the best science-based recommendations to the general public on how to slow the spread of the novel coronavirus and COVID-19. As we all know, the pandemic is spread through human behavior, and so behavior will be the key to stopping it, at least until a vaccine is developed.

As psychologists, we are the experts in understanding how to change human behavior. A group of researchers led by Jonathon Crystal (Editor of Learning & Behavior) has developed fliers on two critical behaviors, social distancing and face touching, and a third on hand washing is under development. A team of volunteers have translated those fliers into multiple languages.

y this message we are asking you to help distribute these fliers, in the appropriate languages, to any people who would benefit from them. That includes your professional colleagues but also the general public, government officials, schools, hospitals, and medical centers. We would like to see these fliers posted as well in any locations where people still gather, such as at entrances to grocery stores and to parks. It would be especially good to have them distributed and posted in low income areas, where residents are at greatest risk and where they have access to far less information than do those of us living in more favorable circumstances.

Please accept our thanks in advance for considering our request. Ultimately it could help a lot. Thank you,

Teresa Bajo, past member of the Psychomics Governing Board, past President of ESCoP
Suparna Rajaram, Past Chair of the Governing Board, past President of APS
Jim Pomerantz, Chair of the Psychonomic Governing Board, co-chair of COVID-19 working group

Link to translations on face touching:

Link to translations on social distancing:

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