Special Issue in Journal of Numerical Cognition: Direct and Conceptual Replication in Numerical Cognition

In this special issue, we will concentrate on direct and conceptual replications specifically in the field of numerical cognition and mathematics learning. While direct replications provide evidence of the robustness of an effect itself conceptual replications play a crucial role in theory development, as they verify that a certain observation is not solely dependent on the specific experimental setup. Both direct and conceptual replications, including online studies and studies conducted in understudied cultures, with no restriction to any particular method or any particular age during life course development would be relevant. Authors may also consider multi-experiment studies combining direct and conceptual replications to take advantage of both approaches. We welcome regular papers as well as Registered Replication Reports from either single or multiple labs for this special issue. Authors should explicitly discuss their findings in terms of direct versus conceptual replications.

The issue will be edited by Mojtaba Soltanlou and Krzysztof Cipora.

Submission deadline: 30 October 2019.

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