The 2023 Call for FCT’s Stimulus for Scientific Employment Program

The 2023 Call for FCT’s Stimulus for Scientific Employment Program (CEEC, from the Portuguese ‘Concurso de Estímulo ao Emprego Científico’) is going to be open from the 4th of April to the 3rd of May 2023. CEEC is a funding program to boost hiring talented Ph.D. researchers who want to develop their scientific research in Portugal. It covers four career stages: Junior Researcher, Auxiliary Researcher, Principal Researcher, and Coordinating Researcher. The program admits applicants from all nationalities and grants the selected researchers a work contract sponsored by FCT for up to six years at a Portuguese host institution.

The Center for Psychology at University of Porto (CPUP) is an international research unit welcoming outstanding researchers applying to CEEC. Our mission is to produce world-class basic and applied psychological research and develop evidence-based solutions that contribute to the well-being of a diverse and socially fair society.

At CPUP you can find a stimulating, multidisciplinary team of experts with whom to collaborate in one of five Research Groups:

Culture, Normativity and Diversity – Coord. Prof. Isabel Pinto

Development and Education – Coord. Prof. Orlanda Cruz

Human Sexuality – Coord. Prof. Joana Carvalho

Neurocognition and Language – Coord. Prof. São Luís Castro

Relationships, Change Processes and Well-Being – Coord. Prof. Célia Sales

CPUP invites the interested applicants to contact the Group’s coordinators to plan how their research proposal will fit the Center’s strategy. For further information and administrative support, please get in touch with CPUP’s Science Manager, Marilia Carvalho.

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