Activity Funding

Program closed in August 2013

ESCoP was offering partial funding for activities such as meetings, colloquia, etc. that were organized by ESCoP members, for an amount of up to 2000 Euro. The funding covered ESCoP members expences (e.g. travel grants, keynote speakers, fees for associate members, etc). The evaluation criteria were the quality of event and its relevance to the society’s scope. Recurrent events had lower priority than new initiatives. The program was closed on August 2013.

Previously funded activities:

  • The 14th European Workshop on Imagery and Cogniton organized by Marios Avraamides and Experimental Psychology Lab, Department of Psychology, University of Cyprus to be held in Paphos, Cyprus, 18-20 June 2014
  • International Workshop on Bilingualism and Cognitive Control, organized by Zofia Wodniecka, Susan C. Bobb and Judith F. Kroll to be held in Krakow, Poland on 15-17 May 2013
  • Interactions Between Space, Time and Number: 20 Years of Research Workshop, organized by Martin Fischer, Samuel Shaki, Marco Zorzi and Stanislas Dehaene to be held in Paris, France on 26 February 2013.
  • New directions in brain training: Effectiveness, methodology, and application of cognitive interventions Workshop, organized by Tilo Strobach, Torsten Schubert and Julia Karbach to be held in Berlin, Germany, 11-13 October 2012. 
  • 1st seminar on implicit learning, organized by CedLAB to be held in Sopot, Poland on 23-25 August 2012. 
  • Development of Executive Functions" Workshop organized by Hanna Mulder, Lucy Cragg and Lex Wijnroks to be held in Utrecht, the Netherlands, 19-20 April 2012
  • 3rd Dubrovnik conference on cognitive science, organized by CECOG to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 12-15 May 2011 
  • 4th Cargese School on Consciousness organized by Bert Timmermans to be held in Cargèse, Corsica, France on 12-22 September 2011
  • Language and Recursion seminar organized by Francis Lowenthal to be held in Mons, Belgium on 14-16 March 2011
  • Anticipatory Behavior in Adaptive Learning Systems: Spatial Representations and Dynamic Interactions Workshop organized by Oliver Herbort, Martin V. Butz, Giovanni Pezzulo, and Olivier Sigaud to be held Bielefeld, Germany on 21-22 February 2011
  • Crossmodal Action Workshop organized by Lynn Huestegge to be held in Aachen, Germany on 1-2 October 2010
  • Donostia Workshop on Neurobilingualism organized by Manuel Carreiras to be held in Donostia – San Sebastian, Spain on 30 September – 2 October 2010
  • International symposium in honour of André Vandierendonck “Working memory and executive control”, organized by Arnaud Szmalec to be held in Ghent, Belgium on September 20th 2010.
  • 6th International Workshop on Language Production, organized by Alissa Melinger, Holly Branigan & Martin Pickering to be held in Edinburgh, UK 2 -4 September 2010
  • 24th International Attention and Performance Symposium, organized by Stanislas Deheane and Elizabeth Brannon to be held in France in June 2010.
  • The 12th European Workshop on Imagery and Cognition" to be held in Helsinki (Finland) in June 2010 organized by Virpi Kalakoski, Christina Krause, and Lauri Oksama.
  • 2nd Dubrovnik conference on cognitive science, organized by CECOG to be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia on 6-9 May 2010
  • Workshop Embodied and Situated Language Processing, to be held in Rotterdam (Netherlands), July 28-29, 2009, by Rolf Zwaan, Katinka Dijkstra, Diane Pecher, and Anique de Bruin.
  • Workshop on Cultural effects on the mental number line in York (UK) in July 2009, organized by Martin Fischer, Silke Goebel, and Sam Shaki.
  • Workshop on mental imagery, spatial cognition and language in honor of Michel Denis, Padova (Italy) June 2009, organized by Cesare Cornoldi, Rossana de Beni, Valérie Gyselinck, and Francesca Pazzaglia.
  • Summer School on Self-consciousness and consciousness of others to be held in Cargèse, Corsica (France), May 25-June 4, 2009, organized by Frédérique de Vignemont.
  • 4th European Working Memory Workshop, Bristol (UK) September 2008. Organized by Klaus Oberaur.
  • A 3-day research workshop on lifespan development of memory and language, a workshop intended to celebrate the career of Philip Smith. July 2008, organized by Phil Beaman and Pat Rabbitt.
  • The 15th Annual Summer School in Cognitive Science held in Sofia (Bulgaria). June-July 2008, by Boicho Kokinov.
  • Workshop on Neurocognitive approaches to control and working memory in Leiden (Netherlands), May 2008, organized by Guido Band, Merel Pannebakker, and Nelleke van Wouwe. 2000 Euros
  • Workshop on Action monitoring and behavior adjustment in Aachen (Germany), March 2008, organized by Andrea Philipp and Marco Steinhauser.
  • The Women in Cognitive Science meeting held prior to 2007 ESCoP meeting in Marseille, organized by Janet van Hell, Teresa Bajo, and Judy Kroll.
  • The 14th International Summer School in Cognitive Science, organized by Boicho Kokinov in Sofia (Bulgaria) July, 2007. ESCOP provided travel grants for 2 students.
  • Workshop on Cognitive and Social perspectives on (Un)consciousness. Organized by Robert Balas, July 2007, Gdansk, Poland.
  • Summer School on Executive Functions. Bernried (Germany), August 2006. ESCoP supported two students.
  • Third European Workshop on Working Memory (EWOMS) and its relationship with long-term memory and attention in Genova (Italy) June, 2006.
  • The Women in Cognitive Science meeting (held at the 2005 ESCoP meeting in Leiden).
  • The Summer School on the topic of "Neuroscience of Number Processing" organized by Carlo Umilta in cooperation with an EU network that took place in Erice, Sicily, July 2005, ESCOP provided travel grants for 2 students.
  • The 12th International Summer School in Cognitive Science, organised by Boicho Kokinov in Sofia (Bulgaria) July, 2005. ESCOP provided travel grants for 3 students.
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