Conferences: 4th - 11th

The 4th Meeting

Como, Italy, September 15-19, 1990.
Organized by Carlo Umilta and Giovanni Flores d’Arcais.

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The 5th Meeting

Paris, France, September 12-16, 1992.
Organized by Michel Denis.

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The 6th Meeting

Elsinore, Denmark, 1993.
Organized by Claus Bundesen.

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The 7th Meeting

Lisbon, Portugal, 1994.
Organized by Amancio da Costa Pino.

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The 8th Meeting

Rome, Italy, September 23-27, 1995.
Organized by Marta Olivetti Belardinelli.

Broadbent Lecture: "Perception and action planning" by Wolfgang Prinz.
Keynote Lectures by Régine Kolinsky and Zenon Pylyshyn.

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The 9th Meeting

Würzburg, Germany, September 4-8, 1996.
Organized by Joachim Hoffman. 

Broadbent Lecture: "Excecution of cognitive skills by the human brain", by Micheal I. Posner.
Keynote Lectures by Axel Buchner, Eckart Scheerer and Helmut Hildebrandt and Earl Hunt. 

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The 10th Meeting

Jerusalem, Israel, September 13-17, 1998.
Organized by Shomo Bentin. 

Broadbent Lecture: "Feature binding, attention, and object perception", by Anne Treisman.
Keynote Lecture by Tom Bever, Asher Kortiat and Endel Tulving.

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The 11th Meeting

Gent, Belgium, September 1-4, 1999.
Organized by André Vandierendonck.

Broadbent Lecture: "Word for word: multiple lexical access in speech production", by Willem J.M. Levelt.
Young Psychologist Lecture: "Prospective memory and automaticity" by Maria A. Brandimonte. 
Keynote Lectures: David E. Meyer, David E. Kieras and Stanislas Dehaene.

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