Summer Schools 1985-1990

The 1st ESCoP Summer School on Memory
Organized in 1987, in Bernried, Germany.

Forty researchers from 16 European countries participated in the event.

The teachers included:

  • Allan Baddeley (Short-term memory, Working memory and Applications of working memory)
  • Donald Broadbent
  • Geoffrey Hinton (Parallel models of associative memory, Learning procedures for constructing representations and The functions of rapidly modifiable memory)
  • Gregory V. Jones (How the principles of organization of complex knowledge may be explored experimentally and theoretically)
  • Walter Kintsch (Knowlegde representation and memory)
  • Wolfgang Schneider (The development of metamemory and its interrelationships with memory behavior and memory performance)
  • Gerhard Strube (Autobiographical memory)
  • Endel Tulving (Studies of episodic memory)
  • Willem Wagenaar (Autobiographical memory)
  • Franz .E. Weinert (Memory development: Individual differences and universal changes).

The tutorials groups were coordinated by Graham Hitch, Janet Jackson, Asher Koriat, Jeroen Raaijmakers, Karl Friedrich, Gery d’Ydewalle and Daniel Holender.

For detailed information see the following documents:

1st Summer School
Application form
Baddely, 23.07.1986
Bernried flyer
Bernried flyer2
Prinz-Thiekotter, 10.03.1987
Strube, 23.01.1987
Strube, 27.1.1986
Summer School programme
Summer School refund


1989 Summer School on Perception
Orgnized in Stockholm.

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