Summer Schools 1990-1999

1997 Summer School on Psychology of Language
Organized in Bressanone (Brixen), South Tyrol, Italy

The topics concerned theoretical and empirical work in the areas of acoustic and visual word recognition, sentence processing and language production. On each topic there were some tutorial lectures, some specific seminars on research, and the use of computers for simulation of models of various types. On the basis of four events a day, there were a total of fourty-four lectures or seminars.

The teachers: Gerry Altmann, Paul Bertelson, Kay Bock, Anne Cutler, Chuck Clifton, Gary Dell, Uli Frauenfelder, Lyn Frazier, Jonathan Grainger, James McQueen, Antje Meyer, Dennis Norris, Keith Rayner, Rob Schreuder, Mike Tanenhaus, and Pienie Zwitserlood.

You will find the programme in the 1997 ESCoP Newsletter.


1991 Summer School on Cognitive Aspects of Motor Control
Organized in Ohlstadt, Germany by:  A. Berthoz, H. Heuer, M. Jeannerod, P. Viviani and A. Wing. 

Click to see the programme, invitationAddendum 1 and Addendum 2.

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