Postdoctoral Research Associate, Northeastern University, Boston, USA

Susanne Jaeggi and Aaron Seitz are looking for interdisciplinary postdocs to join the SoundMind Collaboratory and Brain Game Center for Mental Fitness and Well-being. Our joint research program takes a lifespan approach using a variety of cognitive and cognitive neuroscience approaches to understand and address the needs of cognitively diverse populations, ranging from individuals with cognitive deficits to neurotypical individuals across the lifespan. Our research uses a mixture of in-lab and ambulatory tools (e.g., apps that run on mobile phones and tablets) to reach larger, more diverse, and traditionally underserved/understudied populations. 

We are particularly targeting candidates whose interests and expertise intersect with the following project areas: Topic 1 - Perceptual Learning-based interventions focused on improving hearing and vision with a target of addressing perceptual and cognitive declines associated with ageing; Topic 2 - Lifestyle interventions (including, but not limited to art-based interventions, mindfulness-meditation, motivational interviewing, meta-cognitive coaching, and multi-modal interventions).
Application deadline: until filled

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