Bertelson Award

Beginning in 2001, the Paul Bertelson Award is granted every two years to an outstanding young scientist for making a significant contribution to European Cognitive Psychology. Candidates should normally have completed their doctoral thesis no more than 8 years before nomination, and be under 35 years of age. However, the committee does not wish to discriminate against researchers who have, for example, taken maternity leave or made career switches. The committee also recognizes that differences exist across Europe in research training procedures. Therefore, a case may be made to the jury if there are reasons why the criteria should be interpreted flexibly.

A committee of peers rates each candidate on four criteria: (1) the candidate's general scientific achievements, (2) the international character of the candidate's work, (3) the range and (4) the outstanding character of the candidate's contribution. The winner receives his/her award at the next ESCoP Conference. On this occasion he/she will give a lecture. 

Call for nominations is announced every two years.

You are invited to nominate persons for the Bertelson award. Your letter of nomination should cover several issues concerning the nominee, including:

  • A supporting statement of no more than 100 words indicating why you think they should receive the award
  • The general themes of their research.
  • Their most significant research findings, and most important theoretical contributions. Please identify 3 representative publications.
  • The degree to which the nominee's work has stimulated research among others.
  • A comparison of the nominee with others in their field(s).

Nominations for the Bertelson Award and a copy of the nominee's curriculum vitae should be sent to the ESCoP Secretary.

Please submit the nominations before May, 1st 2023.


Bertelson Award recipients (previously called the young psychologist lecturer):

2025, Vencislav Popov
2023, Eliana Vassena
2021,  Roland Pfister 
2019, Senne Braem
2017, Michael Banissy
2015, Zaira Cattaneo
2013, Roi Cohen Kadosh
2011, Antonino Vallesi
2009, Simon Farrell
2007, E.J. Wagenmakers
2005, K. Graham
2003, C. Spence
2001, J. Theeuwes
1999, M. Brandimonte
1996, A. Buchner
1995, R. Kolinsky

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