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Psychonomic society

The international community of cognitive psychologists recognizes the Psychonomic Society as the preeminent society for the experimental study of cognition. Since it was formed nearly 60 years ago, the Society has grown to over 4,300 scientists.
Members are cognitive psychologists and include some of the most distinguished researchers in the field. Many are concerned with the application of psychology to health, technology, and education. What brings us together is that we study the basic, fundamental properties of how the mind works by using behavioral techniques to better understand mental functioning.

European Society for the Cognitive Sciences of Music

ESCOM is a non-profit organization that seeks to further theoretical, experimental and applied research and teaching in the cognitive sciences of music, to increase and diffuse knowledge of music perception and cognition and to promote its practical applications, and to encourage European and international communication and cooperation within the field of the cognitive sciences of music.
Psychological Societies


Local societies

United Kingdom

The Experimental Psychology Society (EPS)

The Cognitive Section of the British Psychological Society (BPS)
Secretary: Dr. Philip Beaman e-mail:

The Netherlands

Nederlanse Vereniging voor Psychonomie (NVP)

Federation of Netherlands Neuroscience Organizations

Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen


Deutsche Gesellschaft fuer Psychologie

The Tagung experimentell arbeitender Psychologen


Belgian Association for Psychological Sciences


Associazione Italiana di Psicologia (Italian Psychological Association)

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